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Programmes delivered in Primary schools target diverse year groups. Each programme centres on a particular theme. The delivery of each programme is also different to meet the learning needs of students, which change as they grow older.

 Be a Fruit and Veggie Champion
Target Group: Kinder 2

This programme focuses on increasing the pupils’ knowledge about the wide variety of fruit and vegetables. It also emphasises the importance of this food group in the diet. Keeping in mind the young age of the pupils, these main aims are reached not only through a PowerPoint presentation but also by involving the pupils in games and songs. Teachers are also provided with colour-in sheets and stickers that are distributed to pupils as a follow up activity.

The Adventures of Tigger and Friends
Target Group: Year 1

This programme is based on a story that features very popular cartoon characters. This is delivered through a visually stimulating and interactive PowerPoint. The programme is carried out on a class basis and encourages Year 1 pupils to make healthier life choices with a focus on special occasions. Students are actively involved in choosing suitable party food that is healthy as well as appetizing.

 The Adventures of Captain Kalċ
Target Group: Year 2

Milk Power is a novel programme which seeks to build sound, healthy eating habits in children from an early age. The Milk Power programme encourages healthy habits among children through the promotion of the daily consumption of fresh white milk and the inclusion of healthy dairy products. This programme includes an interactive PowerPoint presentation about milk incorporating an appealing story called ‘The Adventures of Captain Kalċ’. An online child-centred interactive game which can be conducted in the school ICT lab has also been specially constructed for this programme.

 Mystery at Hogwarts: Uncovering Packed Lunches
Target Group: Year 4

This programme seeks to explore the concept of a balanced diet. Particular emphasis is laid upon the importance of healthy packed lunches and physical activity. Through an interactive PowerPoint presentation, the students are guided through an investigation where they analyse various packed lunches of different personalities from the world of film and sports. They then have to provide a judgement regarding each packed lunch, identifying wholesome food and beverage options in the process. Key nutrition concepts are discussed through this guided tour. 

 To sustain its mission of promoting health and sustainability in the older years, staff at the HESC delivers interventions in secondary schools. Thus, teenagers and adolescents are targeted through a number of programmes.

 Trendy Choices for Smart Teens

Target group:  Secondary school students


This programme focuses on common nutritional myths and facts that tend to confuse adolescents. These common issues are explored and clarified through a PowerPoint presentation which elicits discussion from students and which enables them to draw on their personal experience. This helps to make the issues more relevant to their lifestyle. The underlying aim of this programme is to convey correct, positive messages with regards to health, nutrition and exercise.

 Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Target group:  Secondary school students


This programme is also aimed at Secondary school students. It is a motivating and appealing presentation which communicates appropriate lifestyle messages. It carries a special focus on the food groups of the CINDI Food Pyramid, giving practical dietary tips to adolescents. The national dietary guidelines are highlighted and adolescents are given practical tips on how to attain each guideline. The presentation concludes with some interesting slides focusing on physical activity, water and alcohol.

Overall, the HESC reaches out and assists many citizens. The main aim of the seminars is to make people more aware of their health issues, whilst improving their quality of life. With such collaboration, it was possible to get across the message of the importance of a healthy lifestyle to a large number of Maltese individuals. This, in the long term, can be beneficial both to the individual and also to the Maltese community at large.


Target group:  Parents and caregivers of children


This nutrition programme aims to make adults aware of the importance of a healthy diet according to their particular needs by following the CINDI Food Pyramid and the 12 steps to Healthy Eating. Special emphasis on eating habits and food facts addressing the particular needs of the children were dealt with. The consumption of a balanced diet together with the need to exercise daily is promoted throughout

 Nimmaturaw f’saħħitna

Target group:  Senior citizens


This seminar is aimed to target senior citizens to help improve their quality of life and lifestyles. Emphasis was also made on the importance of exercise and practical tips were given to include exercise as part of their daily routine. The importance of weight management and diet-related disorders were also highlighted. In order to follow a balanced diet and to start the day well, the importance of including a daily healthy breakfast, being low in fat, sugar and salt while high in fibre was outlined. The importance of drinking water while eating fresh fruit and vegetables was also stressed.

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