Mission Statement

The Home Economics Seminar Centre [HESC] forms part of the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department within the Directorate of Quality and Standards in Education.  The HESC is becoming increasingly recognised as an entity that promotes health in various settings by offering a diverse array of services.

Over the past seventeen years the Centre has offered seminars that aim to expose students to a number of positive behaviours that contribute to better health, an improved environment and improved consumption choices.  This year has marked the introduction of new seminars which are in keeping with current local and global issues.  While promoting health is still the main aim of the Centre, an important focus that permeated many of the seminars this year was the issue of sustainability.

Ultimately the goal of the HESC is twofold:

  • To improve the quality of everyday life for pupils/students, their families and the community, through the efficient, effective and sustainable management of their resources;
  • To address the determinants of health in order to enable pupils/students and other community members to make informed healthy life choices.

The HESC promotes health and sustainability through a number of activities that cater for different age groups.  These include children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens.  These seminars aim to inspire motivation to change current behaviours towards healthier and more sustainable choices through a number of interactive, hands-on activities that help students to construct knowledge together.